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Wordscapes is a word game in which you have to combine tiles with the same theme. The objective of the game is to create as many words with your given set of tiles as possible. You are allowed to use initial letters from the words that you’ve created along with the final letters that make up those words.

Wordscapes has more than 30,000 unique words and phrases that players can take advantage of by playing this fun word game! Wordscapes is ideal for anyone who loves word games and would like to try something new every day!

This amazing game is a unique mix of matching and logic games. Match three or more letters to destroy them and remove them from the board then use the remaining letters to form words. New levels get progressively harder as you progress through the game so don’t give up after level one!

It's an ideal way for you to improve your vocabulary while having fun at the same time. With new words added every week, there is always something new to look out for. Don’t worry about vocabulary lists either as everything gets learned in context by being used in real-life situations.


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