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Words With Buddies

Words With Buddies - Players generate words from the English lexicon in this multiplayer PvP game to earn points. The tiles can be moved around to create words. Use bonus tiles to your advantage to gain double letter scores, triple word scores, and other advantages. How well-versed in the English vocabulary are you? To earn crowns, watch videos with rewards. Crowns give you a bonus point and an advantage over your rivals.

If you love Scrabble, you’re going to adore Word With Buddies—because it’s essentially a hybrid of the two games. Like Words with Friends, players compete against their friends asynchronously by using their mobile devices. But like Scrabble, each player creates words from a set of letters displayed on a board. The primary difference is that instead of making long words from small ones (like in Scrabble), players only have seven letters and must create as many different words as possible from them. Get ready to go back to school and fall in love with old-school word games again!

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