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Wordplay is a fresh take on word games that’ll make you think, not just react. The game combines the addictive nature of word-based puzzles with the education and challenge of classic crosswords. You can compete against your friends or test yourself in single-player mode.

Wordplay is a new educational word game with challenging crosswords and vocabulary puzzles.

The primary way to play Wordplay is in ‘Crossword Mode’ where you are given a clue, have to find the correct word from a list of potential answers, and then proceed to the next clue. There are also other modes like ‘ENDless Mode’ which randomizes clues and words so that each game is unique; as well as an ‘ENDless Boaster Mode’ which challenges you to give correct answers even if you don’t know them; proving that your vocab knowledge goes beyond what you can demonstrate directly from memory...

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